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with moisture. we just need energy to come through and work its way law the cloud covers and make rain. it did that over the weekend into last week. here is our current rainfall since it began, july 1, where we are still 35 to 45 percent of average, and now i will show you how far behind we are in terms of rain, anywhere from 6.75" in mountain field to 16 for the best radar runs with light rain falling there. you can see more on the left side of the screen which is the steady rain that is develop office the next hour or two. that will make a west commute with slick spots. watch out. we will have scattered showers tomorrow morning. the rain is over for a while. i have the seven-day forecast in a minute. cheryl and kristen? >> thank you, mike. the red carpet is again. hollywood has new golden winners. the oscars brought plenty of buzz worthy moments and surprises. katie marzullo was on hand for the glitz. >> red carpet was a black and gold ball with some stunners in black and navy. jennifer lawrence stood out in red after she got back on her feet, taking another spill this year, and the host cou
, and then by 5:00 a.m. a little more energy rotating in here. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, santa rosa, cloverdale, east bay, chance of isolated showers, and then we'll see things kind of back off a little bit by tomorrow evening. this is bringing us the rain chances today. will do so tomorrow, and then you can see this low will also continue to bring southern california the rain chances for tomorrow and then this little weak cold front, most of the energy will go to the north of us. that will give us a chance of isolated showers tomorrow. red carpet forecast. chance of showers. temperatures 61. overnight lows around the bay area in the 40s to low 50s. here's a look at the highs tomorrow with a chance of a few isolated showers. in the mid-to-low 60s. the seven-day forecast, chance of sures on monday. a break tuesday, more rain wednesday night and thursday. back to you. >> rick kiwanis for shu tonight talking hoops. >> march 1st, march madness is around the corner. arizona state and the defending park pac-12 champ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's
copper sticks using natural energy to locate water. with local reserves and reservoirs at lows, record lows, they are trying to tap other sources. >> we getting half the normal amount of water and other districts are getting no water. >> so many people want to drill wells we have a backup of probably three months' to get a well driller in to drill. >> scientists say douseers are often judge lucky looking for water in places where it is then to likely exist. >> that shows the desperation. it wasn't always copper, it used to be wood. >> forked sticks. >> waiting for them to point at something. >> saw that on tv. >> i didn't see it if my textbooks. >> now, if you are in the north by make sure you have your umbrella and patience. that is where the wet weather is and where live doppler 7 hd is dialed in. coming across 116 to guerneville and eventually over the next 20 minutes to half an hour this will move into santa rosa and make to poet plume. it will be very, very light. the winds are from the southeast and mild. a lot slower this morning. they will keep the temperatures mild. we are sta
energy, and education. outside, more than a dozen protesters and a few israeli supporters gathered along shoreline boulevard. >> the countries long ago stopped all of their business with apartheid south africa so now governor brown thinks it's okay to form this relationship is just beyond disgusting. >> israel is a tiny desert country, they've been dealing with, for example, water use issues all of their existence and after three years of drought, we have the same issues here. we could learn so much from israeli technology. >> reporter: security was tight around the event. we saw secret service around the building and also used dogs to patrol the area. after this, netanyahu is scheduled to visit other leaders. david louis is inside the event right now. you can follow him on twitter and catch his reports on later editions of abc 7. reporting live in mountain view, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> bart service has finally resumed several hours after a man was hit and killed by a train. abc 7 news reporter joins us live with this very sad story. amy? >> reporter: i just got briefe
and the moist flow will be here for the better part of the week but we can not have energy in the atmosphere and this will translate into rain so you can see the rain to the north with light-to-moderate rain developing headed into the heart of the bay by 1:00 o'clock, and the light-to-moderate rain stays to the north and the lighter more steady rain moving into the south bay. by noon, we it is transferring over and then there will be scattered showers and temperatures warmer than today. 1" to 2" of rain in the north bay and three-quarters around the bay and .1" in 9 south bay a storm where you will get rain. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures at two to four degrees warmer today and wednesday we are dry and pushing near 70 inland and everyone else in the 60's and showers likely on thursday and on friday, saturday, and sunday near 70 away from the coast where we will be in the low-to-mid 60's. it is dry now. watch out in the north bay. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have a decent commute on major freeways, with something happening on the surface streets. we have an irrigation pipe br
weather just ahead witness to rock and roll energy. >> the iconic work of a rock and roll photographer the secret behind a legendary shot. >> old time practice some people are turning to in the battle against the california drought. that and more as the news at 4:00 c so i was basically uninsurable. now that i've got coverage, my doctor is a phone call or an e-mail away. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit and get covered today. >>> the fortunate among us find our bliss and turn it into a job. >> one man found his bliss in history and performances of rock and roll. >> in the world of concert rock and roll, nothing trumps ak sexes if you have it, you don't buy dinner. you eat with the band. >> trust is a part of the whole thing. >> ask him about access >> feeling energy from the stage with these musicians is a he is on a first name basis with the band >> what do you play? >> i play camera. >> does he ever. chances are you don't know his name but his work, iconic. >> this is visual an thro thropologie. >> wonderful photos. >> u
. they have mitochondria that provide them with energy in their eggs. if its infective, they may have a baby with a birth defect. >> promising technique? >> you know, it is. the idea you can make a fix before a baby is born so a couple can have a healthy baby is terrific. it's been done in monkeys. i think it could be done here. >> of course, there are people that are concerned about the risks. >> that's right. >> what are they? >> i mean, there are risks. the idea that the change you make could lead to a birth defect that you aren't aware of or a problem in the next generation. how do you do the studies to even sort that out. >> the ethical component of it. >> is this on the path to designer babies. you know, you make a change that prevents a deadly disease is one thing but are you on your way to selecting characteristics in a baby and do we really want to go there. >> even that's not the intent but you don't know if that's the direction it could go. >> that's right. that's something they have to sort out before they move forward. >> thanks rich. >> thank you, guys. >>> we'll get the latest
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for collaboration on water, energy, and cyber technology security. >> solar, bio fuels alternative energies and others we're doing that. cyber we'll need to protect the privacy of individuals and not only public systems you don't want your user account to be pilfered. >> there is a lot we can do, learn, and share. israel is dynamic. >> invited guests were promoting international collaboration. >> transferring those to here, having partners to develop products here is very important. i think that this, this effort you saw in terms is just going to cement the relationship. >> this valley. >> it is to grow and create technology in a time line that would be possible without putting these things together. >> the goal to foster more sharing of knowledge. in mountain view, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 4:00 another frustrating warning for bart riders the trouble that delayed them for hours today. >> plus, he's back. and coming to the bay area. >> new at 4:30 sat exam getting a major overhaul. what that is going to mean for students. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook
up its act. russell city energy senter facing fines the district says the plants cooling tower is putting out almost ten times allowed amount of particulate matter. the owners have requested a change in its permitted missions limit the operator could not be reached for comment about this, today. >> and still to come why justice could be soon coming for hundreds of rape victims. >> good news at the pump. we'll be paying a little less, actually starting this summer >> best of the best. consumer reports out with its top vehicles for 2014 h ten categories and one surprise. >> abc7 news continues here in 60 s [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] >>> alameda county is tackling it's rape kit backlog. officials packed up evidence to send to a private lab for testing the county has 2,000 kits in the backlog. it will take the lab about a month to test kits for dna. the county is paying with the testing with a grant working to get all rape kits tested. >> happening now, alameda county board is voting to vote on legislation forcing mentally ill people into treatment. opponen
is going to be the key to the thunderstorms tonight and it will bring added energy needed for heavy rain that will cause urban flooding and it will also kick up the winds a little bit faster than yesterday and on twitter i have an extensive list of some of the wind speeds we had yesterday and they exceeded severe thunderstorms level competing 58 miles per hour. here we are at 7:00, cloud deck moving over in the evening and rain is developing by 10:00, a steady rain, and the yellow are the thunderstorms moving in around midnight and heaviest rain from midnight to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning is when we will find this, and in the morning there will an lot of ponding. once the official line passes through we get a break. the secondary chunk is coming in for the evening and it will hang around through saturday and keep it wet. rainfall amount is still looking at .5" to 1" around the neighborhoods and 2" to 4" in the mountains and when the system comes in at 1:00 o'clock we can see gusts up to 60 miles per hour and the possibility of those hanging around through at least 4:00 a.m. on saturday
and the energy will rise through so no big storms but, may, nickel and dime rains monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> we have lots of water. we have lots of flooding. standing water has all lanes affected southbound 87 at taylor with a solo spinout. 101 is the alternate southbound 680, again, big rig with debris which is shattered coups the freeway and northbound is slow beyond the scene. northbound 680 at alum rock we have flooding and an accident at the overpass with several cars involved. flooding is the big dole, northbound 280, several incidents westbound 580 at greenville including a big rig with slow traffic and a car hit the big rig. it is rough. if you can work from home today it would be a good idea. >> 4:49. former stanford star jason collins who became the first openly athlete in the four major spores met privately in denver with the family of the late matthew shepard following brooklyn's win over the nuggets in nba action. he tweeted this picture of himself withs shepherd's parents and brothers and presented them with the number 98 jersey he wears to memory of their son
are high, the hair is not behaving and that is the energy that is wringing out the moisture and we had a little last night up to quarter of an inch in san francisco. we sit in between systems now and we will be dry for the most part throughout the day today were afternoon and tomorrow we will have clouds but by 3:00, cloverdale and santa rosa could see a few light showers and through the evening hours, getting a little bit bitter as the night goes on and at 11:00 everyone will see showers and maybe a quarter of an inch bay area and maybe a few have a 50's if you get sunshine. a stray shower and the bulk of the day has clouds and tomorrow is warmer, with clouds and rain late that ends early on thursday and sunny and warmer friday, saturday and sunday. both systems, perhaps, if we are lucky are quarter of inch wednesday into thursday. >> thank you. the waiting is over. get ready for another season of "dancing with the stars" with the cast revealed on "good morning america" today and we show you who is vying for the mirror ball trophy. >> they are dancing and twirling and strutting their
at angie's list. join today at a human energy crisis going on. quaker real medleys has real fruit... nuts and multigrains. power up with the good energy of quaker real medleys. quaker up. ♪ she singeth as she flies [ inhales sharply ] [ bird sings ] caw-caw! [ female announcer ] cooling and soothing halls air. what are you breathing? >>> seven things to know. >> live doppler 7 hd shows height rain and drizzle. look what is developing offshore. better radar and lightning with thunderstorms on the way. a timetable and how were we get out of this storm and friday's storms. >> how is the rain affecting the commute? the bay bridge toll plaza shows the rain flowing into the east bay but not too many accidents. a big sig-alert and i will tell you where and why all ahead. >>> continuing, three, fire crews are cleaning up after a tree toppled on to a expense and parked cars. it could be a sign of what is ahead when the force of storm hits. >> sandbags are the focus if many people in different cities, in east palo alto a sandbag station want up and people are concerned about flood,
] only with abreva. a human energy crisis going on. quaker real medleys has real fruit... nuts and multigrains. power up with the good energy of quaker real medleys. quaker up. >>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, breaking news in the south bay, hazardous materials crews have all lanes of 101 shut down southbound through morgan hill after a tanker accident. some people have been evacuated from their homes. the accident is affecting northbound traffic as drivers slow down. >> two, breaking news in san jose, firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire that displaced 18 people. it broke out shortly after midnight. crews are now in the mop-up stage. everyone got out safely. >> officials say smoke from an air conditioning system caused a delta connection flight to be evacuated after it landed in oakland. this is video shot by the former bart spokesman would was a passenger on the flight. katie marzullo will have the latest ahead. >> four, russia says they offering protection to embattled ukraine president yanukovich who fled the home country after posts
. >> feeling the energy that comes from the stage with these guys, these musicians is a rush. >> and in his case, renewable. he is on a first name basis with bands and earned the access for talent. >> i do not play guitar. >> i do not play drums. >> i play the camera. >> does he ever. chances are you don't know his name, but his work, iconic. it is part of an ever growing archive. >> this night it is a packed theater in oakland for an off shoot of the osmond brother bands. he has been sticking cameras in his face since the early 1980s. until this moment, he had not seen the latest pictures in the eighth and newest book called "jam." an insider's look at rock and roll concerts as performance art. >> i am capturing energy and music in a fraction of a second. >> he began doing this at 16 years old. he was a kid with his dad's camera at a grateful dead concert who made friends with the band and years later earned enough trust to shoot this famous portrait of jerry garcia. >> they gave me 90 seconds to do the portrait. >> no portrait happens easily and he had a special idea. >> i will shoot 10 p
of the whole thing. >> feeling the energy that comes from the stage with these guys, these musicians is a rush. >> and in his case, renewable. he is on a first name basis with bands and earned the access for talent. >> i do not play guitar. >> i do not play drums. >> i play the camera. >> does he ever. chances are you don't know his name, but his work, iconic. it is part of an ever growing archive. >> this night it is a packed theater in oakland for an off shoot of the osmond brother bands. he has been sticking cameras in his face since the early 1980s. until this moment, he had not seen the latest pictures in the eighth and newest book called "jam." an insid rock at rock and roll concerts as performance art. >> i am capturing energy and music in a fraction of a second. >> he began doing this at 16 years old. he was a kid with his dad's camera at al grateful dead concert who made friends with the band and years later earned enough trust to shoot this famous portrait of jerry garcia. >> they gave me 90 seconds to do the portrait. >> no portrait happens easily and he had a special idea. >> i wil
is in the area and this will be with us for most of the week, just the energy when it comes through it will tap into the area and create rain. in the north by, by 1:00 o'clock, you can see it is moving through the heart of the bay and by 5:00, it is down in the south bay but we will have light-to-moderate rain in the north bay so that could be where the commute is the hardest. this is one of those longer duringation rains and why expect any flooding from this like last week. midnight is quiet when the rain is steady. at 7:00 in the morning you can see we are seeing a quick tapering and in the afternoon the sun will break out and it will be warmer than today. >> rainfall amounts are most impressive up north with an inch or two and then .1" to quarter inch in the south bay and the valleys in the north bay you will get half an inch to 1". it is a night rain. it is not a drought buster but it will bring the drought level down. the seven-day forecast...i don't know why it says that is spender's forecast -- mostly cloudy, 62. spencer is sloping. thursday we have mid-60's and theness chan of showers a
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, other parts of california, too. but it's on the move. all that energy has its target on washington, d.c., parts of west virginia, kentucky. this thing is not just snow, it's sleet and a whole lot of mess. let's get to gio. he'll bring us the rest of the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, ginger, good morning to you from the famous "rocky" steps. you can see these plows working here in philadelphia. we're seeing a mix of snow and sleet here in philly. and all across the nation, an icy mess. take a look. this morning, blinding snow. and pounding sleet. >> talk about sleet coming down. >> reporter: attacking half the nation. from texas to oklahoma -- [ thunder claps ] ground-shaking thunder snow. and this rare sight in norman, oklahoma. thunder sleet lightning. in southern illinois, car windshields transforming into blinding sheets of solid ice. in wichita, kansas, an ice road nightmare. hundreds of weather-related accidents leading to at least eight deaths. in arkansas, this suv losing control and plunging right off a bridge injuring two and killing one. this semi in oklahoma c
4 to almost again 1 in2 inches. when you have this energy at this time of year, severe weather is possible and it is today in eastern texas, parts of arkansas, mississippi, almost the entire state of louisiana. that would be large hail, damaging winds possible and isolated tornado and i mentioned cold because you got to have cold mixing with that warm to get that severe, well, the cold overnight lows you're seei ing there. ah, minneapolis, improvement in the workweek. new york city stays subnormal for sure. 10 is the morning temperature on tuesday. by, you know, starts to go up into the 20s but still this is pretty cold stuff. back to california here, though, as we dry out, just a few lingering showers today. los angeles goes to 62. sacramento, 64. that drying out here is not so much in the pacific northwest, you see a few of those showers but oscar sunday itself, looking pretty good. i don't think a whole lot of folks will have problems on the red carpet. temperature will be 62. wins won't be all that bad. just to give you an idea of what's happening here. we'll be tracking th
. the governor's office says the deal will have an emphasis on water conservation, all niv energy, cyber security health and buyo technology and education. he will meet with cupertino co-founder jan koum, just sold his company to facebook for billions last month. nip equipment that goes inside will have to go through a security sweep. there's also several areas of the front parking lot that are taped off right now. the meeting starts at 10:30 this morning. reporting live in mountain view, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> 6:35. back to the top story of the morning. the b.a.r.t. shutdown near the south hayward station. that's where a person was hit and killed by a b.a.r.t. train at 11:30 last night, but the tracks are still shut down at the south hayward station, and that also mean as shutdown at union city and fremont. here we see crews looking for more evidence on the tracks following that fatal incident, and we are told that once they complete this search, then the trains may start running again. "may." at first we heard they would at sunrise which was officially about 1:30 ago. now he
energy is saturday morning. this is for north bay coast, peninsula coast, and east bay hills and this increases downed trees and power lines. moving south ward a bit. flash flood watch beginning at midnight across the mountains into loss padres national forest. a high surf advisory in effect from friday evening at 8:00 to saturday afternoon. and sneaker waves are a possibility. rainfall totals saturday morning ranging from 1 to 2 inches in north bay mountains one and a half to three inches in south bay mountains. stormy, windy, rainy, messy. tomorrow breaks by afternoon, and a dry day. sunday, unsettled weather with periods of rainfall next week. we need more rain. looks like we're going to get it. >> thank you, spencer >> coming up here next a bay area neighborhood banding together to thak a b jennie-o w a where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought wsurprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasti
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fine now. >> they say he's full of energy. it's an amazing story. >> it is. >>> all right, well quite a meeting last night for brooklyn nets center jason collins, the first openly gay athlete in a major u.s. sport. collins tweeted this photo of himself with the family of matthew shepard, who was murdered in 1998 because he was gay. >> he wears the number 98 in shepard's honor. collins' jersey is one of the most popular items on the nba website. the meeting took place after the nets beat denver. >>> some of lebron james' teammates on the miami heat are having some fun with his new face mask. >> all the kidding didn't start until after last night's game. our hoops highlights now from the guys at espn. >> he's stan, i'm neil. this is the "sportscenter" set, this is the actual "sportscenter" set, the original "sportscenter" set. >> would we be on a fake one? >> good point. >> lebron james and the heat at home taking on the knicks. james, first action since breaking his nose. he's got the mask on. raymond felton, he's been in the news this week, as well. hits the bucket there for the knick
everything. until now i don't think i realized that i still had some shame energy on it. i was surprised that it brought up so many emotions. i defiantly think you have to be prepared though. it isn't a matter of not telling the truth or telling the whole truth. this was part of my life that got closed and i like that. it's been a secret because i bought into the mistake just under a year after the biggest loser i was offered a free bariatric surgery and i went and had a gastric sleeve, you know and uh, then i was able to lose the last 50 pounds. a gastric sleeve is a surgery that takes down the size of your stomach, from the expanded size, they take part of the stomach off so it doesn't leak or anything and you have a smaller stomach, instead of an 80 ounce, my stomach then only could 8 ounces, no doubt i've stretched it out maybe 16 now. when you have a little bity stomach instead of a full stomach, you can only eat so much. i don't have any foreign bodies in my stomach, i don't have a lap band,
to miss us. the energy will move up and we will see the rain headed our way tomorrow. at 8:00 tomorrow night, you are wet from classify detail -- from cloverdale to santa rosa and at midnight there will be rain and dry for the afternoon on thursday. high temperatures today under the clouds are 62 in san francisco, 67 in san jose, and the seven-day forecast shows mist and drizzle and fog to start and we are looking dry. spring like with a lot of sunshine on friday and saturday and we spring ahead and another chance of rain on sunday and the new system tomorrow brings a third to half an inch of rain to the bay. this doesn't count but for the nuisance variety which is probably slowing you down this morning. sue? >> we have a lot of folks taking it easy which is good because there are wet road conditions and fog out there. back to san bruno we have a sig-alert with a car down the embankment. they may lead to block off a lane. that is eastbound 380, to san jose, a couple of separate accidents north 280 before 880 slowing and to the north of that, north 280, lanes are blocked and c.h.p. has
and thunderstorms, gusts up to 60 miles per hour, enough energy in the lower atmosphere to twist a little. so we could see some waterspouts becoming coastal tornados. weak but something pretty wild. and rain, almost all day on saturday, too. so here's the deal. you put four to six inches of rain very quickly, i mean an inch an hour at times on the mountains, you're going to pick up close to a half foot in places like glendora, california, where they have had a fire recently, that's going to be an issue and that's where we find david wright this morning. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. this neighborhood just survived those winter wild fires a couple of weeks ago. now they're nervous about possible mudslides. as you can see the whole place looks like a fortress here bracing for what may come. it's california's worst drought in 150 years and the rains are coming. about to pose serious problems of their own. >> one thing after another. the fire was one thing but we've got another one right behind it. >> reporter: some areas that faced wildfires last month are now bracing for mudslides. >> a lot o
in from the south da not -- do not is so much red. here is the low and the moisture stream and the energy that will feed us the scattered showers in the afternoon. white out conditions. that is in lake tahoe the you can see how heavy the snow s our forecast shows shower and winds will cause delay. high surf at the beaches through tomorrow. >> two, a miserable morning on the roads. this is the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. it is raining. we have had major accidents. c.h.p. had 60 separate incidents happening at one point the delays on bart because of the problems in the transbay tube and ace train and capital corridor has delayed and roads finally are clear in oakland with the early fatal accident that is improving westbound 24 headed to 580. >> steady rain if the south bay caused flooding on the roads southbound 87 at taylor and only one lane is opened. a car stalled earlier in standing water and two people were trapped inside. they are out. >> it is raining in southern california where officials are concerned there could be dangerous mudslides in areas last bear by r
, following the time line here, overnight, into tomorrow, then afternoon we'll get partial clearing. energy of the storm goes south ward. there is concern down there, stars on the red carpet. maybe showers taper off before sunday, if i were one of the stars i'd have an umbrella handy just in case. state wide conditions tomorrow, show rainy conditions down south. rain will be tapering off here giving way to sunny skies. we'll see high temperatures only 59 in los angeles tomorrow, 60 in san diego. after morning showers, partly sunny skies into afternoon. it's going to be mild here in the afternoon with high temperatures mid to upper 60s around the bay, and inland and near 60 on the coast. i'll have more for you on abc7 news at 5:00. >> spencer, thank you so much. >> still ahead at 4:00 a man declared dead wakes up in a body bag in a funeral home. how family members say he came back to live, plus... >> this is ugly. >> are you kidding me? >> the fallout today from a college basketball celebration turning into an all-out brawl. >> and i'm michael finney. can insurance companies raise rates beca
, and the energy is meeting cold air. look at st. louis. we have an earth camera to give you an idea what has been happening. a little bit of everything. snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain. and that's how the morning is going to go. snow eventually. more than 20 states in the midwest, northeast and mid-atlantic too that have a watch, advisory or warning. it's not just ice, but snow. and more than a half of a foot. as we get into march, it's feeling like lion. one look at one last map and give you an idea of what's happening across the country. that is the long-range outlook for march. yes, it says much colder for the folks who don't to want hear that. that's the big picture, now closer to home. >>> all the weather brought to you by orieda. i'm going to grab an umbrella and bring to rachel to so it matches her dress. >> so nice of you, ginger. >> thank you. >>> coming up on "gma," we're used to tears at the oscars, but it wasn't always this way. we're going to show you the most emotional oscar moments and the speeches that opened the flood gates. >>> and facebook buzzing about oscar. who would they p
on anything. but the tea party brings energy to the republican party. but the difference is the idea of tactics. it's a very monolithic party. the debt's too high, too much unemployment, smaller government, et cetera. as a minority position, do you shut down the government and compel the other side to action? when we tried that, the american people and even the base saw that the shutdown idea is not going to work. look at what we have done in the first couple months this year. we have achieved a lot of things from the farm bill to the budget deal everything and else. we're on a better path today. >> and a clean path for the midterms. to pick up on what rich was talking about, it does appear that in the key senate races, the senate control is up for grabs in november, that the republican nominees will not be as easy targets as they were in 2010 or 2012. >> darn. darn. yeah. in fact -- first, let me give president obama a little bit of credit. when he stood up to the tea party and said we're not going to do this. he helped to defang the tea party. it helped the republicans and boehner.
on water conservation, agriculture technology, alternative energy, cyber security, health and bio technology and education. the israeli prime minister was in los angeles yesterday for the premiere of a television documentary featuring netanyahu giving a tour of his nation. >> it shows you sides of israel that need to be shown to the people of the world, and as such, it's not only a vehicle o to, to make tourism, increase tourism, it's also to dispel the various thoughts about the state of israel and to show the real face of the jewish state. >> reporter: before netanyahu arrived in california yesterday, he was at the white house on monday, where president obama challenged the israeli leader to salvage a middle east peace plan with palestinians. today the prime minister is planning on stopping at apple in cupertino and meeting with whatsapp co-founder. he is a jewish ukranian immigrant who sold his company to facebook for $19 billion last month. here at the computer history museum, security is expected to be tight. a protest is planned for outside of the convenient, and the event
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